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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  November 16, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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i'm chris wallace. congress gets back to work, with battles brewing over immigration, obamacare, and climate change. i would welcome the president moving to the middle. the first indications have not been very helpful. >> there's absolutely no reason why we can't work together. we'll discuss the president's climate deal with klein and the highly political vote over the keystone pipeline with senators on both sides of the debate. john thune and sheldon whitehouse. then president obama promises to take executive action to block deportation of millions of immigrants. how far will the gop go to stop him? >> they have the ability to fix
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the system. what they don't have the ability to do is expect me to stand by with a broken system. >> we're going to fight the president tooth and nail if he continues down this path. >> we'll talk with two of the gop's new senators who will be on the front lines. tom cotton of arkansas, and james lank ffrd. . call the stupidity of the american voter or whatever, but bask that was really, real le critical. our sunday group assesses the fallout. and our power player of the week, bill marriott creating hotels for the millennial generation. >> this is what the customers want, and this is like giving them what they want. >> all right now on "fox news sunday." hello again from fox news in washington. first some breaking news. isis terrorists claim to have beheaded yesterday another american in a graphic new video.
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fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herlidge has more. >> to date isis does not have a track record of making false claims about the execution of hostages. if confirmed, kassig would be the fifth host egg beheaded and it is third american within three months. he was kidnapped in 2014, a former army ranger, he had traveled to the middle east to work as a medical assistant on the border. after a video showed last month and threatened to kill him next, his family made public pleas and stated their son was a convert to islam. it's a departure and what happens to be the mass beheading of more than a dozen members of the syrian military. there are at least two sections that purports to be the -- and
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known by the moniker jihad johnny. on the president's strategy in iraq and syria, last night his former defense secretary accused the administration of meddling in a way that has not been seen since vietnam. >> i think when a president wants highly centralized control at the white house at the degree of micromanagement that i am describing, that's not bureaucratic, that's political. >> analysts say the tape may provide new clues about the group's location especially the leadership with unconfirmed reports that the brir executioner was injured in last weekend's air strikes. chris? >> we should point out we are not using that picture of hassig in the orange jumpsuit at the request of his family. thank you, catherine, you're welco welcome. the senate is expected to
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vote on a bill tuesday regarding key tony pipeline. joining us to discuss august of this, john thune south dakota, and from rhode island democrat sheldon whitehouse, a member of the senate environment committee. senator whitehouse, you are one of the leading environmental ises in the senate. you make speeches almost every week on the senate floor. have you been assured by the white house if the senate goes ahead and passes the keystone approval that the president will veto it. >> our information is they are leaning that way, but i don't have a hard assurance. how confidence are you that he will veto it? >> i hope and think he will. i think it's important to send that signal. i think the majority has long
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despised and denigrated this president. if they can roll him, i think they would like to. i think it's important for him to set the stage early on this, especially when the stakes are so hide for the damage that the pipeline will do. senator thune, the democratic leader in the senate, harry reid has blocked any vote on the keystone pipeline for years. is it your belief that he's finally agreeing to this vote to help mary landrieu who's in a runoff in the louisiana senate race for the early first week in december with a show vote with a full expectation it will get vetoed by the president, that in faneuil this is all political? >> well, sure it is, chris. this is john hoeven's bill. >> a senator from north dakota. >> he's my colleague north of the border, but the point is this is a cynical attempt to save a senate seat in what la.
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if the democrats were serious about this, we would have voted on it for years ago. there's been five environmental impact reviews, all of which have come back saying it would have minimal a impact on the environment. the president's own state department said it would support -- in my state of south dakota, three to four thousand jobs, 20 million in property tax retch. this is an issue, a no-brainer in the eyes of the american public, which finally, finally is coming to the floor of the united states senate not because they're worried about american jobs, but because they're worried about the job of a not from louisiana. >> let's drill down, if you will, into the merits of the keystone pipeline. president obama was pretty defiant about the pipeline and his approve for it this week in asia. let's take a look. >> to constantly push back against this idea that somehow
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the keystone pipeline is either this massive jobs bill for the united states or is somehow lowering gas prices. understand what this project is. it is providing the ability of canada to pump their oil, send it through our land down to the gulf where it would be sold everywhere else. it doesn't have an impact on u.s. gas prices. >> but let's take a look at the facts. the state department says the project would create 12,000 direct and related jobs near the pipeline, perhaps tens of thousands more further away from the pipeline. it's not just canadian crude. it also would carry 100,000 barrels a today from montana and north dakota. senator whitehouse, oil markets are global. if you put more supply into any part of the system, it's going to lower prices everywhere.
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the president has -- at a bunch of these points. >> the different is that the tarsands is probably the filthiest fuel in the planet and when you add that into the equation, you dramatically increase the effect of carbon pollution and greenhouse gases. our friends on the other side won't agree that any of this is real. they will never treat climate change seriously. they just look at the one side of the ledger, which is a bunch of jobs. i think it's 4,000 direct jobs, which is good. i'm not going to try to -- that, but we're growing at 200,000 jobs a month in this economy. the last public works bills for the highways that would have been 1.8 million jon. i should correct one thin harry reid twice offered votes on keystone on the shaheen bill,
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and they refused, because they didn't want it to pass before -- so the republicans had the chance to vote on keystone and turned it down. >> let me bring in senator thune. let's talk about this issue of the pollution, because the argument against the pipeline is that the kind of canadian crude we are talking about here, oil from tar sands creates 17% more greenhouse gases than typical oil. at full capacity the pipeline would create as much carbon place as 5 million new cars on the road. what's your answer to that, sir? >> in 2011, what the state department set is the oil coming occupy canada would replace the same type of oil from venezuela. remember, canada is going to produce this oil. it's a question of whether we
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about ben phet from it or the china es will. you add to it that the light sweet crude oil out of b bakkenn north dakota, is making it more different for producers in my part of the country to get their commodities to the marketplace. it isn't isn't a question of whether or not it will get done. the only question is whether or not america will benefit and get the jobs from it and whether we'll replace the type of oil that's coming in from venezuela, which is what the state department said this project would do. >> if i may, because we need to move along, i know we could continue this debate. >> put me on record as disputing the facts there. i don't think senator thune was accurate. >> you are duly noted as disputing the facts. >> thank you. the president also announced a climate deal with china this week.
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let's stake a look at that. the u.s. would emit 26% to 28% less carbon in 2025 than it did in 2005. china agrees to cap its carbon emissions by 2030 when it says 20% of the energy will come from clean sources. here's how in the republican leader mitch mcconnell reacted to this deal. >> as i read the agreement, it requires the chinese to do nothing at all for 16 years while these carbon emission regulations are creating havoc in my state and other states around the country. >> senator whitehouse, aren't we committed to doing as mitch mcconnell says, dot a lot more than the chinese? >> in order to reach that target, they'll have to build a clean energy portfolio that is as big as the entire u.s. energy fleet. so between now and 2030 they're
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going to build -- that would be good for american suppliers into those projects. a lot of this is american design, so nobody will build that much capacity on new year's eve of 2030. the minority leader now soon to be majority leader is just wrong about that. in terms of the havoc that the so-called regulation of all of this claim to create by the minority leader, you know, in rhode island, we're seeing the havoc from the carbon pollution. we're seeing the havoc along or coastlines, houses falling into the sea, with fishermen going into the sea and finding fish that their parents and grandparents never saw. as one said, it's getting weird out there, senator. if you can in about 30 seconds or so, when 97% every scientific papers say that human activity does add to climate
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change, without getting all the details, don't we have to do something? >> well, look, climate change is occurring, it's always occurring. there are a number of factors that contribute. the question is what are we going to do about it and at what cost? it's all pain and no gain for the american people. it's one-sided, nonbinding. there's a hope that someday down the road, chinese might, might actually reduce at the same time the united states makes reductions twice at what we're planning right now. and what that means is 90% increase in utility rates for people, low-income people in places like south dakota. i guess what i would say to that, if you trust the chinese on something like this, i've got some oceanfront property here in sioux falls, south dakota. it's one-sided, and a nonbinding deal that we have agreed to. finally a couple minutes
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left. i want to get into this immigration issue. the president has made it clear he plans to take executive action for millions who are in the country illegally. senator thune are republican leaders seriously considering opposition on executive action with government funding, either by setting up a situation that will resolved in -- or just passing the short-term bills month by month and keeping this fight going and holding government funding hostage? >> i think republicans, chris, are looking at different options about how best to respond to the president's unilateral action, which many people believe is unlawful action on this particular issue, but my concern is -- shutting the government down doesn't solve the problem. my concern is what happens if we end up shutting down what could be a report of legislative accomplishments there for the taking if the president would
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choose cooperation instead of conflict. this president right now is choosing friction, partisanship instead of cooperation, there's an opportunity for us to get things dodge, instead the president is going down this unilateral path. >> you don't think republicans should take the bait, if you will, and do anything to shut down the government? >> well, it doesn't solve the problem, chris, but look, we're going to continue to meet about this. i know the house leaders are talking about, the senate latters are talking about it, but the fact of the matter is the president would be well served not to go down this path. he's putting in peril a real opportunity to do some things for the countries. 30 seconds left, senator. should the president take this executive action soon? some people are saying as early as this week? or should he wait until congress passes government funding before
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it runs out on december 11? >> we have a broken immigration system, which is why republicans and democrats came together in the senate to pass a bipartisan bill that has been sitting over in the house and speaker boehner wouldn't bring up -- >> if i can't just get you to answer the question should he wait or not? >> i think he should force the hand of the speaker and have him take up our bipartisan bill. the real story is the speaker who won't pass -- and we have a broken system. the president has to do something. >> and force it is hand by taking executive action right away? or -- i think that could be negotiable, but the threat of real and unilateral executive action is all that drives the speaker's hand. otherwise we're just left with a broken system. let's pass the bill. >> gentlemen, thank you so much. senator whitehouse, senator thune, thank you both for
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joining us. what do you think? will the senate approve the keystone pipeline? let me know on facebook or twitter @foxnewssunday and police use the #fns. up next president obama promises action, and now republicans debate how to block it. we're joined by two rising starts from the senate class of 2015. next. how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. it's time to get to work are finally over, fixing our long-term national debt to help build a stronger economy. with a solid fiscal foundation,
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this week on his pledge to take executive action to block the deportation of millions of immigrants. some republican leaders in congress say they may shut down the government to stop him. we want to introduce you to part of the new class of senators s senator-elect james lankford. here in washington senator-elect tom cotton of arkansas. congratulations. welcome to "fox news sunday." >> thank you, chris. president obama called both of you on election night, two of the few he reached out to. senator to the ton, when you see what the president intends to do, steps he apparently is taking on a climate dpeel with china and we think a veto of the keystone pipeline, do you get a sense you can do business with him? >> i hope so, chris.
9:21 am
when president obama called me he said obviously we're going to have disagreements, but we want to make progress. i don't want to judge or prejudge, he's been discussing this, and some voices in his own party are urging him not to go forward with it. i'm hopeful the president will work with congress to make any changes to or immigration laws. >> senator lankford, same question, do you sense any give in this president? >> i don't. he did reach out as well on the phone and said let's try to find works to get together and i told him we had a ways to work together a year ago on basic things. the house passed in december 2012 a high-exile worker visa program that the senate never took up. i think we're going to get nothing done if he continues to have that attitude. the first face-off between the republicans and the
9:22 am
president will be on immigration. mr. obama took a hard line on executive action this week in asia. take a look. >> i indicated to speaker boehner several months ago, if in fact congress failed to act, i would use all the lawful authority i possess to try to make the system work better. that's going to happen, happen before the end of the year. >> senator cotton, i think it's fair to say you forum from the tea party wing of the gop, do you think republicans should be prepared to shut down the government by making link -- or to pass the short-term spending bills to keep this fight up with the president? >> i don't think anyone juan to shuts down the government, because that doesn't solve the problem. the american people have spoken. immigration was a central issue in my campaign. i won by 17 points.
9:23 am
mary landrieu is about to lose, greg orman, al son grimes, michelle nunn, they lost when they supported that deal. voters of oregon voted 2/1 against driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. >> but you've got to know, and this has happened before in obamacare, it happened with newt gingrich on the budget back in the '90s when republicans take action, when the president ends up vetoes what links they put to funding, it ends up biting republicans. >> it's actually happened thousands of times over our history that congress uses our power to control how taxpayer dollars are spent to put limitations on a president. for the last six year the president has wanted to close guantanamo bay's detention facilities. >> are you saying you're prepared to shut down the government?
9:24 am
>> we have fully finded or military spending bills and put restrictions in terms of transferring terrorists to the united states. there's no reason we can't fund all our agencies yet not let the president use taxpayer dallas to get social security numbers and works i.d.s. so you would want to put that link on funding? >> i'm hopeful we won't have to take that action, and again the president has talking about this to for months, so i don't want to prejudge what he may or may not do. >> senator-elect lankford, after the mid terms, mitch mcconnell and john boehner made it pretty clear they did not want to touch this stovetop after what happened with obamacare in 2013, and the government got shut down. what's changed? >> i think the significant part is we hope to reach out and work
9:25 am
with the president on it. we're not pursuing a shutdown. i think what people understood is how many people detested what was happening in their personal lives and businesses with obamacare. we are trying to find every way possibility to communicate this is a real problem that affects every single american, every single business. this is also an issue, but people are not pursuing some government shutdown. back to the clinton administration, president clinton put out an executive order and the house voted against that to defund that executive order 417-2. because it took over power from the legislative branch in the states. i would love to see that bipar san ship for the congress to accept up and say you do not have authority to do this. >> i fully understand there are a lot of members who say, look, you have to use the power of the
9:26 am
purse. that's your with you piece of leverage, but are you willing to go to possibly shutting down the government to do that? because it seems -- my point is regardless of who is responsible on the merits, it seems like congress gets blamed and the president ends up winning. it certainly would happen in october of 2013. >> but your assumption is that's the only option. i just don't believe that's true. i don't think the president has the high ground. he has this perception that everyone in the country thinks like him, and that is not correct. i represent millions of people. tom cotton represents millions who think like that and the president think only these few crazy conservatives in congress thinking this way and no one else does. the american people don't have a problem with immigration, they have a problem with illegal immigration, and for the
9:27 am
president to step up and transition this and ignore the law. a lot of people have a problem with that. let met change to another subject that you guys will have to deal with, and that is obamacare. the big news was the comments by professor jonathan gruber who was one of the architects of obamacare. let 'take a look. >> lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. basically call it the stupid of the american voter or whatever, but basically that was really, real lay lit krall. >> senator lankford, what do you think that professor gruber's comments show? and what is it that you think, given the fact that the president will certainly veto any outside right repeal of oba obamacare, what do you think the new majorities can accomplish? >> i this it shows what is consistent is this arrogance of
9:28 am
centralized government. this administration really believes they are smarter thain everyone else and they need to create and impose the policy and states exist only to carry out their wishes from the central government. the best thing we can do is return health care decisions back to states, back to local authorities. health care compacts, all the different things that return those authorities back to the states. we have 50 billion last year in medicare fraud. 50 billion. that doesn't get corrected by continuing to centralize control. we have to get rid of the medical device tax, things like the mandates on individuals and they're going to watch their taxes go up. people want real answers. people need some solutions on it, because it affects that you are live. but senator-elect cotton, realistically, what do you think you can get down while president
9:29 am
obama is still in office? >> people realize it will be hard to repeal health care when at this time called obamacare. several bills have been passed already to -- or letting people keep their plans as was promised. those passed the house with bipartisan support. i think we could pass that legislation again and the president would be hard pressed to explain why he wants to veto it if he's already done it as an administrative measure. senators-elect cotton and lankford, thank you for coming in. we'll follow both of you on your senate adventures. >> thanks, chris.
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in ways you never thought possible. comcast nbcuniversal bringing media and technology together for you. there are enough laws on the book by contingencies that are clear in terms of how we have to enforce or immigration system,
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that for me through executive order to ignore those mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president. >> well, that seemed pretty clear. president obama back in 2011, and a number of times since saying he lacks the authority to taking executive action to defer deport acheses for millions in this country illegally, a step he plans to take perhaps as early as this week. brit hume, jackie kucinich, george will and juan williams are here. we asked you questions for the panel. we got this a twitter from jim dixon who writing, send him a budget that defunds immigration and aca, make him shut down the government with his veto. brit, how do you answer jim?
9:35 am
if republicans somehow tie funding of the government to opposition, is it a smart political move or another mistake? >> it's a total blunder to try that, because if the president were to veto the bill, a build that would keep the government going and there was a shut down, it wouldn't matter. it never has, what the proximate cause. it's an iron rule, if the government is shut down, the republicans get the blame, not most, not some, but all of the blame. some have surmised who still think that that kind of bringsmanship might work. i doubt it. >> are democrats fully on board of this idea of executive action, did they just feel
9:36 am
it's -- to solidify even more the hispanic voter support for the democratic party? and that it make provoke republicans to overreact. >> i don't think democrats hold out a lot of hope that all of a sudden there's going to be a lot getting done in congress. from what i've heard, democrats are solidly behind the president when it comes to this. they've been pushing the president to exert his authority, because they want to see something get done on this issue. >> do they see no down side to creating this kind of confrontation? >> i don't know if it wouldn't have happened anyway, remember when boehner tried to repolice the principles, i think by january of last year, by february he had already pulled back. there wasn't a lot of hope out there anyway. >> you know, presidents have taken plenty of executive
9:37 am
actions in the past all the way back to abraham lincoln with the emancipation problem la mate, trouping with deseg gre gating the military -- "would for the conform with my appropriate role as president" or the new barack obama that we've heard in the last few months who have said i can do it and i'm going to do it. >> even more the barack obama who is a stringent and correct in his criticism of the bush/chen yes expandive views. the policies that reportedly the president is planning to implement are those about which people of intel,can agree or disagree. it's going to shield -- who face no realistic process. he's going to give work permits to millions of people who are already working.
9:38 am
and he's going to direct in the enforcement discretion the agents to concentrate on a, criminals, and b, people who arrived recently. the process is beyond the precedents, and beyond the constitutional questions. there's a simple etiquette of democracy, particularly after we've had, as tom cotton said, we've had an election in this in which this issue featured in many states and the results are clear. >> what about the argument the president would make, the etiquette of democracy, it passed the senate in 2013? it's been sitting there for a year and a half in -- and that's too bad. if the constitution says they have to agree and in fact 300-some bill passed the how and sat in the senate.
9:39 am
>> i want to get back to this question, though, about how much executive action is too much? the -- this weekend "wall street journal" had a very interesting article which asked the question how many is too many? their argument is that when the executive -- when the president decides to take executive action that affects individuals, there's more groups of people clearly within his right, but in this case where he would be taking executive action that would fact 5, 6, million people, that goes too far. juan? >> i don't think that's really -- the question is how many is too many by that calcul calculus. i don't think that's the issue. i think the issue is he does not have the right to rewrite the law. the law and congress haved right to set the terms for granting citizenship, number of visas, terms for green cards, for example, that's what the congress has the right to do, what they should be doing.
9:40 am
in the clip you played, i think he's saying he would prefer the congress to act. >> of course. but the question is can he do it on his own? >> this is some that presidents have done for time -- >> i didn't say he -- >> so he has legal authority. i would argue picking up on what george will just said, he has moral imperative, because we're dealing with tearing families apart, as if we're just talking politics and law -- >> this is people aren't being deported in your opinion. what are you talking about? >> we're at record numbers of deportation. >> juan, the reason would you the numbers look so large, is they count as deportation, the people who are turned away. >> they're large without those numbers. >> it is authority you are talking about is prosecutorial discretion, which stems from the
9:41 am
fact that the government doesn't have the resources to prosecute every lawbreaker, so there are prosecutors have discretion as to which cases to prosecute. we're talking here about a mass refusal to deport people who probably wouldn't be dizzy ported anyway, but that's what this comes down to. >> i think the way to look at it is at march tiff relief. if the president's job is to -- you could deport all these people. what the president is doing is prioritizing, as george said, who is to be the focus of deportation efforts, and criminals are the people, not family. >> as a practical matter, republicans would be wise to keep an eye on how much actual difference it would make if he were to do this, but as a legal matter, it seems evident that prosecutorial discretion is exercised where you simply don't have the ability to prosecute
9:42 am
everybody. in this case this is such a wholesale refusal to follow the law that i think it would probably exceed constitutional bounds, if you can't ever get a judge to hear it, which is where the problem is. when we come back, the next round of open enrollingment starts this weekend. just yesterday as comments ig neat even more the controversy. your customers, our financing. your aspirations, our analytics. your goals, our technology. introducing synchrony financial, bringing new meaning to the word partnership. banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial. enagage with us. hard it can breathe with copd? it can feel like this.
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too stupid to understand. it's a very clever exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the american voter. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it. a new web vitt i don't pouncing on comments from jonathan gruber as the new gop majority prepares its plan of
9:46 am
attack against obamacare. so professor gruber, who helped first write romney care, and then with obamacare says that the president's plan was written deceptively on purpose to get it through congress. he says they hid the fact that the mandates were really taxes. he says they hid the fact that it was a massive transfer of wealth. george, what does it tell you about the people who wrote it? >> it tells you they were consciously deceptive. we knew that at the time. it tells us they did lots of unseemly things to get it past the cornhusker kickback and louisiana purchase and all the other logrolls that went on that. but beyond that mr. gruber has been insulting the american peek and that's not wise, but he --
9:47 am
subsidies could be dispersed only by exchanges through the states. why does this matter? 225 days from now is the last -- by then the supreme court will have ruled on whether mr. gruber is telling the truth. if it does, and the republicans can have the patience of politics, they will find that the president can no longer administration the affordable care act, and they will have all the leverage to negotiate changes in the affordable care act. because the point is, and i'm not exactly sure, maybe you are, about 15 of the states have exchanges, the other 35, and it's off by one or two -- have federal exchanges. according to the law if it's a federal exchange they don't get the subsidy. >> and the professor said we wrote it that way to squeeze the stat
9:48 am
states. democrats are doing everything they can to distance themselves. take a look at nancy pelosi now and back in 2009. >> i don't know who he is. he didn't help help write or bill. >> i don't know if you've seen the analysis of the comparison to the status quo. >> you know, aren't they gyrations a little embarrassing? >> yeah, that looked bad i liked the tape when you played earlier where she says you have to pass the bill to see what's in it. that's insulting to the american people, and it's a feast for critics of obamacare who are suddenly saying this is why we are upset. are you kidding me? in washington, we package, we
9:49 am
merchandise just like procter & gamble. advisory things are packaged to -- >> nothing new here? >> vet. i would say it's much ado about nothing except the critics of obamacare -- the act is working. this is something republicans should be celebrated. we have more competition. we've done away with the medicare doughnut hole. we have no lifetime caps and limits, no conditions about preexisting illnesses, we have preventative medicine. >> so, brit, two questions. one, does a feast to to answer brother williams, is it much ado about nothing, the whole gruber afair? and secondly how much effect does it have in the efforts of republicans to try to, if not repeal, take a scalpel to obamacare.
9:50 am
in answer to your first question, what juan says is so, but it's not quite applicable. yes, legislation is always argued for in the way that's most advantageous to those promoting it, and it is sold in their exaggerations and so north. what we have here is something different. we have an admission of an all-out effort to deceive on a number of points, based upon the notion, common i'm afraid among many liberals, that the american people do not know what's good for them and they need their more bell gent betters to take care of that for them. that is kind of a premise of oba obamacare, as a practical matter, i think it furthers the case that -- the sense that people have that they were sold a bill of goods on this. when we talk about the people who now have insurance who didn't, great numbers of those people are on medicaid. medicaid patients are having a terrible time finding a doctor
9:51 am
who will see them, and there's more coming out all the time about the medical facilities being strained, doctors don't want to treat them, so having the insurance is one thing. the question is do they have care? i think that question is in in many cases, the answer is no. >> just to pick up on the other point, how important will gruber's comments be as a weapon for reps to go after? >> it will be a gift that keeps on giving as they attempt to chip away, but as george has suggested, the whole thing may collapse when the supreme court rul rules. if that happens, the whole things goes -- i think the whole law i think closes in on itself. >> if they have a hearing, they'll yell at him, just kind of reconfirm people were already
9:52 am
skeptical. i would agree the supreme court case would be a way that's going to chip away. i think the medical device tax repeal, which had bipartisan report. that's another $29 billion that would be removed. >> but then where do you get the $29 billion over -- >> that is the question. open enrollment started yesterday amitt reports that some of the policies will cost 20% more this coming year. from people you talked to, jackie, how confident is the administration that obama care is going to do -- and it couldn't do much worse, will do better in the second year. inchts enchts. >> you're hearing from some of the people where their plans have gone up. officials are saying to shop around, there will be another cheaper plan, to go back and buy
9:53 am
something else and saying it will level out in the next two or so years and that you won't see those plans -- the prices raise again. whether it does or not, we'll have to wait and see, but every time that happens, it erodes the confidence. >> george, less than a minute left. i'm going to ask you a big picture with a short answer. what happens to obamacare. do you think the basic entitlement lasts or not? i think if the basic entitlement is that everyone all the to have insurance coverage, that is part of the ethic of the country, but there's so many other and better ways to achieve that. the fact is what gruber does is strike at the legitimacy of the law. the defense of obamacare has been down to it's the law, get over it, live with it, but what gruber says is we didn't do it in a legitimate way. thank you, panel, see you next sunday. up next or power player of
9:54 am
the week, how one of the big names in hotels is appealing to the next generation of travelers.
9:55 am
how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. his name has been one of the america's best brands for more han half a century. now he's trying to tailor that brand for the next generation. here's our "power player of the week." >> before, you walked through
9:56 am
the lobby, checked in, went to your room and never came back to the lobby. today the lobby is a gathering place. that's totally different. >> bill marriott is talking about mill lennial, folks in their 20s and early 30s. while marriott has been in the business for 60 years. >> i traveled 110,000 miles last year. >> at age 82, he's all about the future. how much is your focus on millennials. >> right near they're 45% to 50% of our business. marriott has an innovation labs where staffers brainstorm. they eek have mockups of potential, edgy, not much color, big beds and big tvs, but often no desks since they are on their laptops. >> this is the shower.
9:57 am
>> almost right in the guest room. >> pretty bare bones. a bed, a shower, a sink. >> and a big tv. >> you can tell marriott is having to adjust to some of it. >> we were not exactly cool with flowered bedspreads. now they have a cover over the sheets and blanket, but no real bedperetz. >> does that scare you? >> no, i think this is the right thing to do. thises what the customers want. >> that could be the motto for marriott's successes. his dad started with a root beer stand in 1927. >> he opened on the same day lindberg flew the atlantaic, and he met him one, and he said we went into business on the same day, though you got all the publicity. now marriott has 18 brandt, nor than 4,000 hotels, 700,000 rooms and a lot of guests. >> probably over a million people a night. >> how does that make you feel?
9:58 am
>> concerned they are being well taken care of. >> two years ago he stepped down as charm and ceo. >> you haven't exactly retired, though, have you? >> no, i don't think i probably will i'm averaging about how to 50 hours a week. >> why do you keep doing it? >> i love it. >> when we asked about the satisfaction of the job, he talked about the 350,000 employees. >> 50% of our general managers in our hotels have been with the company 25 years or more and have started as hourly workers. that to me is terrific. when we can bring somebody in as a waiter and make them president of the company, that's just the way america is supposed to work. >> hear hear. even though he's moved upstairs, bill marriott still visits 2 of hundreds hotels per year, and he shows no signs of slowing down. thats it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next "fox news sunday." .
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